Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

The ministry of All Believers flows from a commitment to Christ's outreaching love. We are all called  to be active advocates of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everyone is called to carry out the Great Commission; everyone is called to be missional. The Christ-like examples you exhibit in your everyday life, as well as the sharing of your own faith experiences of the gospel, that God's mercy and grace is preached in the lives of those around you.
Our calling to be advocates is an expression of our gratitude for the relationship God has offered us.  As we grow and develop in relationship with God, we respond by showing the same grace and love of God in our community.

At Fair View Church, we have a number of ways we are advocates of the gospel and express thankfulness for all God has offered us on a weekly and monthly basis.  Our outreaches range from feeding collaborations with feednc and Mooresville Christian Mission to Meals on Wheels.  We help support our local elementary school with supplies and prayers, and care for the elderly in our local nursing homes.

There is a place for you to serve in our community through the outreaches here at
Fair View Church, as we live out missions through our passion and love for God.


Now Entering The Mission Field

Kathy Schilling - Mission Lead