“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God---what is good and acceptable, and perfect.” 

Romans 12:2

What is Transformation Journey? 
A process of assessment, discovery, and renewal for local churches to engage with experienced outside resources in order to more faithfully and effectively fulfill God's vision for their local church in their local context.

Who Can Apply To Be A Transformation Journey Church? 
Any local church within the Western NC Conference.
Transformation Journey Overview 
The Church Transformation Journey is a three-year process of discovery for local churches where they will prayer- fully engage with scripture, identify recommendations that God is calling the church to achieve to fulfill God’s vision for the church, and then partner with a Navigator and Guides, to embark on a journey of living into
God’s calling for their church and their role in transforming the world.

Churches identify their recommendations through hosting a Discovery Experience where a Discovery Experience Team will help the church name up to five recommendations for them to engage. If these recommendations are approved by the church, a Navigator and Guides will be assigned to work closely with their pastor/s and church leaders over the next three years to implement their Transformation Journey initiatives.

To prepare for a Discovery Experience, the church names a team of church leaders who are willing to spend thirty days in preparation for the Discovery Experience by studying scripture and praying for their church and community and for the Discovery Experience. Churches also complete a self-study that provides information to the Discovery Experience team about the history and present reality of the church.

After the Discovery Experience, a church is presented with recommendations to work on with a trained Transformation Journey Guide. These recommendations that surface during the Discovery Experience, could be anything related to church health, (e.g., creating a discipleship pathway; helping the church become more outwardly focused; and creating good stewardship practices, etc.). The church is given thirty days to pray about and consider these recommendations. The pastor then requests that the District Superintendent authorize a called Charge Conference to accept the recommendations.
If 69.5% of the voting members or more agree to proceed, the Discovery Experience Team Leader, the pastor, and the District Vitality Associate will create MAP, (Ministry Action Plan) and select the Guides to work with the church on its Transformation Journey recommendations.

The District Vitality Associate will serve as the Navigator for the Church’s Transformation Journey Process. He/she will be assigned to work as a liaison with the pastor and the assigned Guides, the District Office, and the Transformation Journey Coordinator.
Important Miscellaneous Details
  1. The Transformation Journey is not a quick fix program. This is a sustained ministry effort that will take up to three years to complete. 
  1. Participation in the Transformation Journey is completely voluntary. We only go where we are invited. 
  1. The Transformation Journey works with the church. We listen for the God-inspired direction already present in the hearts of the congregation. 
  1. There is no financial cost to the church to participate in the Transformation Journey. We ask churches to set at least $1,000 aside for their own use in the process. 
  1. Required books, training materials, and the cost of providing Guides are provided by the conference. 

4 Phases of The Transformation Journey Experience 
  1. Application Phase - Churches apply to be received into the process 
  2. Discovery Phase (For churches that are accepted into the Transformation Journey Process) - Church completes the Congregational Self-Study provided in the Transformation Journey Information Booklet and submits it online two weeks prior to their scheduled Discovery Experience. 
  3. Active TJ Phase - The Church works with trained Guides and their Navigator (DVA) to work through their recommendations. 
  4. Completed TJ Phase - Once all recommendations are completed.

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