God Thought 5/3/23

Reading: Acts 4
Be Bold

The book of Acts challenges and burdens me – in a stay awake at night kind of way.

Let me tell you about Pat. Pat has a genuine God-given desire and burden to tell everyone he meets about Jesus. He travels the country sharing the good news, and many have been saved. I used to work with Pat, and he would always take very long lunch breaks. Each time Pat would return from lunch, he would share who he was led to talk to on the street and how at that moment, they decided to give their life over to Jesus. That wasn’t the end of the story because this person would then be followed up by Pat and introduced to a church community to take care of them.

This season of my life working alongside Pat seriously shook up my faith in a good way. God worked through Pat in dramatic, supernatural, life-changing ways. Language was no barrier. People were healed, addictions broken, and lives restored. I know that the mention of these things makes many uncomfortable. It would be easier for me not to include these details, but then I would not be telling you the truth. I wish that I was half the man Pat is.

I wish I had the faith and boldness of Pat. Maybe you do too. Know what you are getting yourself into if you pray for that faith and boldness because the book of Acts clearly shows us that when God fills you with His Spirit in a book of Acts kind of way, you’ll see God move, and many lives will be changed forever. Including yours.

Day 4 Real Hope - Acts:  a study of Acts 1-5

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