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I AM: An Easter Devotional
Day 1

Throughout the Bible Jesus made clear statements about who He was. There was no ambiguity about His life, His mission and His purpose. God has always been clear with His people that He is love, and He is all we need. In Exodus 3:14 God says to a nervous and apprehensive Moses, “I AM WHO I AM” – He is filling Moses with confidence and assurance for the journey ahead.

Still today, in times of uncertainty, in Jesus we find a clear statement of Truth. These declarations of truth are about more than Jesus declaring His identity, these declarations shape our identity.

The more we discover about who He is, the more we will discover who we truly are. Jesus’ declarations were statements of fact. His “I am’s” become our truth; who He is shapes who we are. Let’s make it personal by bringing it into the first person, you could read these declarations aloud:

Because He is the resurrection, I am alive;

Because He is the bread of life, I am made whole;

Because He is the way, I am made new;

Because He is the Lamb of God, I am saved & redeemed.

Jesus’ journey to the cross and His crucifixion was the fulfilment of His purpose on Earth – He was making a way for us to have free and intimate relationship with God. He had referenced this moment many times, declaring that He was the gate through which every person could be saved, He is the only way to salvation. In John 14:6 Jesus declared, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”, then through his sacrifice on the cross He made a way for us to experience this Truth. Through a rugged cross and an empty tomb we discover that we are made new. Today, let’s remember that who Jesus is has a deep and lasting impact of who we are.

Which of Jesus’ “I am…” declarations do you need to take into your heart today?

Jesus I thank you for who you are. I thank you that when you died on the cross it was for me. Today I know that I am a new creation because of who you are and the price you paid on the cross. I’m so thankful. I choose to remember You today.
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