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I AM: An Easter Devotional
Day 2

Can you imagine what it was like for the disciples and loved ones of Jesus on that first Easter Saturday? The day after Jesus is nailed to the cross and placed in a tomb. The deep pain, the hurt and disappointment, the hopelessness and heartache. Imagine the questions and confusion swirling around their hearts and minds. For us, we have the benefit of knowing that this was not the end of the story! In fact, the greatest moment in human history was about to take place when Jesus would be resurrected from the grave and conquer sin and death. Yet for those there on Saturday, they were in a dark valley of despair.

We, too, walk through times of trial and tribulation. We have moments and seasons in our life that bring great heartache and despair and can leave us confused and hopeless. Perhaps you are currently walking through such a valley in your life right now. You too can take heart that this is not the end of the story!

One of God’s greatest promises throughout scripture is found in another “I am” statement, one found many times in the Bible and one that God is still declaring today: “I AM WITH YOU.” God promises to never leave us or forsake us. He promises to walk with us, to fight for us and to lift us up. In fact, God sending His son Jesus as a human being was the ultimate display of Him being with us.

The promise and knowledge that God is with us means we can have peace, security and confidence that we can walk through any challenge – in fact, we can even have joy in the midst of pressures and trials! Because He is with me, I am secure!

When you face a trial or challenge, do you rest in the promise that God is with you through it?

Jesus I am so grateful that you are with me. Through every challenge, every hurt and disappointment, I know you are there. Thank you for peace in my heart and mind, thank you for comfort and strength. I find rest in You!
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