God Thought 4/19/23

Reading:  Act 2
The Sceptics Are Listening

In chapter two of Acts, we read how, on the day of Pentecost, Peter and the disciples were baptized by the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues, an event that drew the attention of a crowd and got a mixed reaction. The Bible tells us some were amazed, yet some ‘made fun of them’ (v13) and accused them of being drunk. On hearing this, Peter got up and addressed them, and we read that almost 3,000 people in the crowd were convicted and gave their hearts to Jesus. But the crowd, filled with many sceptics, mocked them.

Peter didn’t let the mockers deter him. He didn’t only address those who were curious and open to hearing the message. He addressed everyone. And through the power of the Holy Spirit, they gave their hearts to Jesus, including those who mocked them. It’s no different for us today. There are people in our lives who support our faith and some who mock it and mock us. Both are watching and listening. Like Peter, we shouldn’t be driven or deterred by either. The supporters or mockers shouldn't determine how we live out our faith. We should live out our faith with an audience of one in mind – God. He is the One we live for. By living our life for Him and by depending on the Holy Spirit in all we do, people will be drawn to us. Some will be curious; some will be sceptical; however, all are loved by God and deserve an opportunity to know Him.

As we go about our days, let’s remember that the Holy Spirit can work in the heart of anyone, including the mockers. And let’s allow God’s love and grace to shine in and through us to everyone around us.

Day 2 of Real Hope- Acts: a study of Act 1-5

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